Jun 8, 2017

Let’s Talk About Sex – there! I Said It.

America is such a vast country, my Uganda of 93,065 mi² can fit in America’s 3.797 million mi² like 40 times. As such it mirrors how minute my perspective is when immersed in its culture.

The topic of muse today – Sex Education. I couldn’t quite find the right transition but here we are.
Do you recall when you first understood the difference between the male and female anatomy and how they are beautifully designed by God to create babies?

Jun 7, 2017

Teen- age: A Parent's Confession.

Aah!! Remember the days we thought our parents were clueless about life? Like they came down in yesterdays rain? Well, it comes back full circle.  

May 24, 2017

I Want to Dance

When he says "May I have this dance"
I will gladly oblige

I want to get onto the dance floor and feel the rhythm in the soles of my feet
As it pumps to the beat of my heart
Takes me high into the realm of breathless allure
my body asks
my soul and my spirit thirst 
More energy, more thrust, more shake, 
Move, move, move
I want to hit that all time high under the spot light

He guides me with his strong arm
Moves his leg enough so I can lean on it
So I can turn on it
With his arm gentle but firm around my waist, I want to dance.

Dance till beads of sweat pour down my back leaving me drenched and exhilarated all at once.
I want to dance.

There's an applause 👏 
I didn't realize the audience☺

May 22, 2017

Uncle Ben and Auntie Joy Mugarura: Faithful Stewards in St. Francis Chapel and Beyond

Dressed in Gospel Dancers uniform, we were scheduled do a processional dance at a wedding in St. Francis when I bumped into Uncle Ben. He was walking through the aisle. When we said we were not the bridal team but dancers, he was perplexed. Dancing? In Church? In an Anglican church at that? Unthinkable, unheard of. (The rematch between Pentecostals and Anglicans).  He reminded me of Tevye in the Fiddler on the Roof – too many changes with these youths.

As Reverend at St. Francis chapel Makerere, Uncle Ben and auntie Joy nurtured generations of university students and what a delight it was to sit at their feet last night. To sit at the feet of spiritual parents and reminisce the days we were nurtured. Times when as clueless, passionate youth eager to change the world they listened, provided guidance and allowed us to spread our wings and fly. Someone said “You believed in us even when we were terrible. You never gave up on us and protected us.” Out of that love for young people ministry teams like Come Alive, Teen Challenge and Youth Group were birthed. Groups like Heaven Bound, Destiny, Dove 7 and Voice of Victory served as venues of ministry but also kept the youth engaged positively.

Somewhere the line between spiritual and physical parenting ceased to exist as they fed both body and soul. It must have been quite the experience for the biological children having all these university students vying for space in their parents’ hearts. “We walked into their home unannounced and sought a cup of tea and something to eat. When one of our marriages hit a snug they visited and stayed way after midnight to help iron things out.” Someone else added.

As we sat in the cozy home of one of their adopted sons, tears of joy and words of gratitude flowed seamlessly from grateful hearts that had been touch directly and indirectly by their ministry.

“We owe a lot of who we are to your ministry”. Another said “I came to the Lord under the ministry of Uncle Ben.” The testimonies of their influence continued to resound as we all agreed that our Christian faith was anchored and nurtured under their care. Uncle Ben and auntie Joy sowed seeds of eternal value.

While auntie Joy smiled and recalled all the events like they happened yesterday, uncle Ben sat with hands folded to his chest and gazing up at the ceiling.

Auntie Joy attributed her love for the youth to the fact that her father was a reverend too. “Growing up in church, I knew what it entailed.”  Then she added “But this is God’s work not mans.”

Did they have much? Were their resources over flowing? No! But they had two things going for them; a passion for young people and a faithful God who replenished. Their home was a place of refuge, rest and recreation. There was always a flask of tea and a snack for the hungry campusers who walked through their doors. They never lacked, food never dried out and they never went hungry just like the manna for the Israelites in the desert or the woman with a bottle of oil – it kept flowing.

“When God gives you a gift, use it to serve his people and to glorify Him fully otherwise you will die with that which He has given you.” Auntie Joy said.
She recollected how her highlight in life was having young people in her home. “I enjoyed it. I have never had such a time like that.”

When uncle Ben shared he said “For us, we are weak really, but He is strong”. That right there was the testimony.

His admonition to us: “And for you” he said, “If you have ever met uncle Ben and auntie Joy, you have no excuse whatsoever not to be in a ministry where you are. You don’t need to have theological training. Seek God and see where He places you.”

Colossians 2: 6 -7:
“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, 7 rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”
-          Live in Him, in the fact that if there was any shake up, you would still be found in Him.
-          Be rooted in the faith. If you don’t know how, go back to the scriptures and please get yourself a hard copy of the bible, one that you can read and mark up and write in – just like you were brought up to do.
-          Abound in thanksgiving. Live as men and women who are thankful for salvation and what Jesus did on the cross.

We left blessed and glad that we had to opportunity to thank them for such selfless giving. What is the scripture he and joy have lived by?
“Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit” says the Lord of hosts: Zachariah 4:6

“We trusted the Lord of hosts. Love for young people was placed like an imprint on our lives. A tattoo on our hearts.”

May 21, 2017

Good Food, Good Fun and Good Nights in Cape Town the Mother City

AWOL Tours: A bike ride to Cape Town. Photo Credit: Ker & Downey Africa
I was having lunch with a friend this afternoon when she mentioned she’d lived in Cape Town for 2 years. I was thrilled. I wanted to know her experience, what she loved. Did she visit Table Mountain? What about the wine country? She was surprised to learn I hadn’t visited but I’d read up on it. So, planning a trip to Cape Town and you don't know what to do? This guide has an ala carte of activities.

You’ve not tasted Africa until you’ve visited the mother city. It’s friendly people and natural surroundings make you want to settle in for a while. The food hits your palate with such scintillating taste you think of your own mom’s lovely cooking.

As a passionate traveler, experiencing new places, meeting new people and capturing the essence of a place are a few of the things I live for. So while scrolling through my Instagram feed I saw a beautiful photo of Cape Town’s Table Mountain, my next thought? – I want to go there! Situated as a prominent land mark overlooking Cape Town – its size and grandeur serve well as a tourist attraction. From cable trips to hikes up the mountain – there is plenty to do. Table Mountain is also Cape Town’s navigation icon – comes in quite handy for some of us who are prone to getting lost in big cities.

Asoka, fine food and good music. Photo credit: Ker & Downey Africa
Now that the table is set, let’s talk food. With an array of restaurants that appeal to both local and international cravings we can officially call Cape Town Africa’s best restaurant city. Even though Kampala my city of birth has incredible luwombo (local dish cooked in banana fibers), it still has a lot to learn at the feet of the mother city. From local African dishes grilled over an open fire to French and Asian cuisine – Cape Town brings the world’s cuisine to you. 

But what really excites me about Cape Town is its authenticity. As a writer and a romantic, a bike ride through the Schapenberg country side to get a taste and learn the history of Cape Town’s rich wines leaves a good taste in my mouth. For museum lovers there’s the Castle of Good Hope also known as the oldest surviving building in South Africa. My love for artistic expression in poetry and dance, would have me spending evenings at “Outrage of Modesty” – you’ve got to love the catchy names too. For my Ugandan’s friends with a fashion sense Cape Town’s top designer outfits would have us shop till we drop.

Cruise IQ with a back drop of Table Mountain. Photo Credit: Ker & Downey Africa
But hey! I can’t tell you everything, somethings you’ve got to see and find out for yourself. Check out this brochure – there’s a world out there to explore. It gets even better; Ker & Downey Africa can planyour trip. You’ll thank me. And to all the Cape Town lovers out there – woo hoo!! Keep living it up!! Tell me about your experiences. Leave a comment down below.

May 18, 2017

Summer and Short Shorts

Summer is almost here and the clothes are gone.

I first came to this beautiful country in the middle of a heat wave. I never knew a place on earth to be so hot, I saw mirages everywhere.

All shades of skin tones filled the Penn campus and on the narrow West Philly streets. Girls in the shortest shorts and tiniest tank tops. There were bellies and thighs everywhere. “God help the brothers” I thought. But then, I was the only one butting eyelids (I think).

Now, 10 years and a tougher skin later I’m just like “Oh whatever! It’s just another belly button, another thigh.” I’m sure the guys say the same no? Is this what they call assimilation? Adaptation?
I don’t know how young men handle the situation but one thing is for sure, I can’t afford enough kangas or kitenges to wrap around every skin baring lady. I will therefore mind my house.

Apr 5, 2017

Flower Petals: Beauty in Diversity

I saw these flower petals on a branch, on a tree by a neighbors house. A camera can’t quite capture this beauty like the naked eye but it tries. Looking at it, something came to mind: In God’s time, He makes all things beautiful. Each bud will have its moment in the sun. 
Just because one has blossomed, just because one’s petals are luscious and spread out with royalty, just because one looks brighter and more captivating, doesn’t mean the other is any less beautiful. If we wait with diligence, and do what God has placed in our hands to do, our beauty will shine through. 
The moment will come. You may not be bright pink but your dark red will captivate -  beauty in diversity. Bright pink contrasted with dark red, makes a rich blend. 
For this photographers eye it does.
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